Hello everyone!

Introductions are in order!

I’m Lucy Cooper, the incredibly lucky and excited award winner of the Museum and Collections award 2014 granted by the University of Birmingham. From July 18th – August 16th I will be charting my experiences working at the University of Melbourne’s Cultural Collections as I embark upon several projects, enhance skills, and discover a world of culture on the other side of the equator! Seeing as a week today I will be boarding a plane for Melbourne I thought now would be a good point to briefly introduce some of the projects I will be blogging about for the next month.

  • Project 1 – Cultural Collections Unit Project: To develop an outreach activity targeting the student demographic. This activity will be used to engage visitors with the museums and collections when they visit the Cultural Collections stand on Open Day.
  • Project 2 – Cultural Materials Conservation Project: An introduction to various aspects of conservation. I will be involved in numerous activities – understanding techniques for conserving a diverse set of objects, reporting conditions, and attending lectures.
  • Project 3 – Baillieu Library Print Collection Narratives Project: Focusing on research regarding the National Gallery of Victoria’s William Blake exhibition for the Blake material held in the Baillieu Library Print Collection. I will visit exhibitions, research and write several narratives . I will also participate in the day-to-day management duties involved with the Print Collection.
  • Project 4 – Ian Potter Museum of Art Management Project: Working with Ancient Near Eastern cylinder seals that are part of the Potter’s Teaching Collection. I will research the backgrounds of each of these seals and identify where the originals are housed. An additional responsibility is to create seal impressions and have a session with a photographer to create professional photographs of the impressions. There will be an opportunity to have a training session on the EMu (Electronic Museum) database to enter and update item details and images.

These four projects look so fascinating and I cannot wait to begin them. The Cultural Collections Unit have tailored these projects to build upon my existing skills and enable me to experience some aspects of heritage collection management that I have never encountered before.

I personally look forward to writing my next update when I will be in Melbourne, commencing my adventure and sampling the finest Brunetti’s (the café that everyone has raved about) has to offer!

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